COVID-19 POLICIES (2021-2022)

Information may change over time as recommendations/guidance change or are updated.

Performing Arts 5678 will be following guidelines as recommended by the State of New Jersey in order to run programs safely. Performing Arts 5678 will take every care to ensure the safety of participants. Performing Arts 5678 will adapt classes to ensure participants can safely participate in the programs. Read below information on how Performing Arts 5678 will proceed with in-person classes. Zoom classes will be offered only if NJ does not allow in-person instruction.


  • ENTERING (for Indoor Classes) 

    • Students must be dropped off, picked up, and enter at the back parking lot entrance.  When waiting for class to begin, families should form a socially-distanced line by the door.  Instructor will meet you at the door, do a temperature check, and allow student entrance.  

      • Please form an arrival line no more than five minutes prior to the class start time. Students who arrive early will be asked to wait in their cars until class begins.  (OUTDOORS:  When Classes are held outdoors,  you are welcome to wait at the picnic table area for your class to begin.)

    • Thermometer Temperature Testing: Upon entry, students will be temperature checked with a point and click contactless thermometer. Students with a temperature of 100.4 or higher will be sent home.  Parents should not drive away until their child's temperature has been taken. This will take place until NJ lifts this rule.

    • Attire: Dancers must arrive to class fully dressed in appropriate dance attire. With Covid concerns, Dancers are discouraged to change in the bathroom.

    • Belongings: Students should arrive with minimal personal belongings. Belongings must be securely kept in their bag in a designated space outside of the studio. Water bottles can be left in the designated area with dance bags/coats/street shoes.

    • Masks Required In-Doors: Until further notice, everyone is required to wear masks at all times in the building until further notice.  Cloth face coverings are meant to protect other people in case the wearer is unknowingly infected but does not have symptoms.  (Outdoors: At this time, participants are not required to wear masks outdoors.  If you choose to wear a mask, you can.)

      • As the mask may become sweaty in dance class, we suggest bringing a second mask for comfort.

    • Sign-In: Participants will be signed in upon arrival.


    • Bathrooms: The upstairs bathroom is designated for students.  


    • Dancer Limit: Performing Arts 5678 will limit the number of students. ​

    • Bathrooms: Students are encouraged to go to the bathroom before arriving.

    • Disinfecting: Studio space and building high-touch areas will be disinfected at the beginning of each day.


    • It is our expectation that you notify us if any member of your household tests positive for COVID-19. If a family member has been diagnosed with COVID-19, self-quarantine for 14 days before attending class.

    • Stay home if you or your performer has been considered in close contact to a person with COVID-19.

    • In the event that there is a confirmed COVID-19 diagnosis or contact, Performing Arts 5678 will maintain the confidentiality of the individual at all times while mitigating the situation. We will follow the guidelines set by the State of NJ.


  • Communication: Please communicate to your children all of the guidelines outlined in this document.

  • Illness Absences: Any dancer who feels ill is encouraged to stay home. Students will be screened for fever or signs of COVID-19 illness prior to being permitted to start class/rehearsal and participating in the programming.

    • If a dancer has any symptoms of COVID-19, please stay home.

    • Parents must email to notify Performing Arts 5678 that a dancer will not be attending class that day.  

    • If a dancer exhibits signs of illness during class, parents will be called to pick up the student.


  • Water bottles may be kept with dance bags outside of the studio/dance area.  Water breaks will be given at appropriate times.  BRING A WATER BOTTLE DAILY.


  • Staff will wear cloth masks inside the building at all times, until NJ lifts this rule.

  • Instructors will not provide tactile touch or feedback, until NJ lifts this rule.

  • Instructors will follow the same protocols as we ask of students. If a teacher shows any symptoms, students will be notified that class will take place via Zoom.


I understand that if I do not follow the policies, guidelines, or regulations of Performing Arts 5678, I can be expelled with no refund. Policies, guidelines, and regulations are meant to keep all students and instructors safe and within New Jersey's Guidelines.

I have read the above policies and hereby absolve Performing Arts 5678, LLC, its officers, and/or its employees of any responsibility for accidents that might occur while participating in any activities encompassed while participating in any class(es). Performing Arts 5678, LLC, its officers and/or its employees, shall be held harmless from any injury, illness, theft, loss claim, or liability incurred at all programs. Email with questions.

I understand and agree to the above.

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