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Performing Arts 5678

Performing Arts 5678

Dance.  Act.  Sing.  Shine.

Performing Arts 5678
2020-2021 Season: Welcome


  • Dance and/or Musical Theatre Costume Deposit (per class/style).  Costumes typically range in price from $60 - $85 each.  Once costume choices are confirmed, you will be notified of the balance, if any, that is duePayment for the balance of costume fees will be due within 1 week of notification, to ensure prompt ordering. PA5678 tries to minimize costume fees by re-using costumes, or using simple accessories, keeping costume pricing economical. 

    • Costume Deposit (per student) Scale is Below.  Deposit is due upon enrollment:

      • 1 Class per year $60 Deposit​

      • 2 Classes per year $100 Deposit (including each day "Broadway Babies")

      • 3 Classes per year $130 Deposit (including "Shooting Stars")

      • 4 Classes per year $150 Deposit (including "Rising Stars" & "Triple Threats")

  • $30 Non-Refundable Registration Fee (per family). 

  • $40 Non-Refundable Administration Fee.  Administration Fee is waived if FULL yearly tuition is paid within one week of enrollment.  This fee is discounted to $25 if Semi-Yearly payment option is selected. *If a payment is late a 20% late fee will be applied.


1) Pre-Paid Yearly Tuition1 time payment in full, Waived $40 Administration Fee 


2) Semi-Yearly Tuition - 2 payments, twice a year; 50% due upon Enrollment and 50% due on January 10, 2022; Administration Fee discounted to $25.


3) September/October Deposit & Tuition Installment Plan (6 Monthly payments made November-April) - ​The Tuition Installment Plan helps spread out the cost of yearly tuition.  Payment is due on the 1st of each month.  September/October payments are due upon enrollment.  The remainder of yearly tuition then will be divided up, with monthly payments November - April. Please Note: Payment is not for the number of classes each month.  You are paying equal increments towards the total tuition due for the full season. *Late payments will incur a 20% late fee.


Payment is accepted in the form of Zelle, Cash, or Check made payable to: Performing Arts 5678.

  • Checks - Payable to: Performing Arts 5678 (mail to: 337 Diamond Hill Rd., Berkeley Heights, NJ 07922)

  • Cash - Contact Jessica Lombardi to arrange payment (646) 221-3150

  • Zelle - Use email: and cell (646) 221-3150 (confirm name of Jessica Lombardi) (Please note: Performing Arts 5678 is not responsible for typos or "lost" payments via Zelle.  Be sure to input the correct information before sending.


If you choose to pay the tuition in installments or semi-yearly, after 7 days, a 20% late fee will be applied to your account.  $35 Returned Check Fee for returned checks.  After two returned checks, all future payments must be made in cash. (Please  Note:  Businesses are charged fees for Venmo, Paypal, Credit Cards, etc... In an effort to keep our pricing as low as possible, and not pass along these fees, CASH, ZELLE, & CHECKS are accepted.)


Prorated Tuition refunds will be issued after the first week (1 class), in the event that a student cannot to continue.  Refunds must be requested in writing, via email, no later than September 27, 2023.  Refunds will be made in the form of a check.  If costumes have not been ordered, Costume Deposits will also be refunded.  Once costumes are ordered, Costume Deposits are non-refundable.   If you have registered, and would like a refund prior to classes beginning, you must request via email.  Cancellation Requests must be made no later than September 7th, 2023.  Registration and Administrative fees are non-refundable.


We will treat you the same way we would like to be treated.  While we anticipate hosting IN-PERSON, SOCIALLY-DISTANCED classes (outdoors and/or indoors), if the State of NJ requires us to halt in-person classes, we promise to continue instruction via Zoom at regularly scheduled class times.  Attendance is still expected, as it is the only way students can progress with choreography and/or other performance information.  We are making a commitment to you, therefore, by enrolling in classes, you are making a commitment to yourself/student, the other members of your class(es) and Performing Arts 5678.  Refunds will not be given unless Performing Arts 5678 cannot continue instruction either in-person or virtually.   (In the event that instructors have Technical Difficulties/Power Outage/Sickness, makeup classes will be scheduled.)


Classes take place inside our newly renovated studio,  located on the 2nd floor of the VFW.  Our floor is a professional, sprung dance floor, providing a safe environment for all involved.  (The 2nd - 5th Grade Acting Class will take place outdoors in our Amphitheatre while weather permits, as their Spring performance will take place in our outdoor theatre.)  While Performing Arts 5678 has an outdoor dance floor, this will ONLY be used if a situation arises (ie: pandemic closing indoor activities).


You will be notified via email if classes are cancelled due to weather.  Each day of the week has one built-in "Snow Day".  If NJ experiences more than one "Snow Day" for any particular day of the week, make-up classes will be scheduled.


The performances for Dance, Acting, and Musical Theatre Classes aim to be held in May.  One "All-Inclusive" Recital Fee will be priced based on the venue cost, and must be paid by April 1st.  An indoor performance space will be reserved.  If outdoor options are required by New Jersey, we will adapt accordingly.  Click HERE for Recital Details.  (Recital fee includes the cost of the venue, portraits, recital photography, videography, lighting, sound, etc...  This Recital fee is due NO LATER THAN APRIL 1st.


Class size is limited to twelve (14) students. Classes may be added or combined, based on enrollment.  You will be notified asap if we must adjust the schedule.  Every effort will be made to accommodate class-style selections and scheduling.  If a class does not meet minimum enrollment and/or has to be rescheduled and you cannot attend the alternate class, you will be given a full refund of any funds paid for that canceled/rescheduled session.

2020-2021 Season: Text
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